Updating the JAWS USB Dongle

  1. After receiving the dongle update file as an email attachment, save it to an accessible place on your computer, e.g. your desktop and ensure that the dongle is plugged into the system before proceeding
  2. Press the Windows key to open the Start menu, UP ARROW to All Programs and press ENTER.
  3. DOWN ARROW to JAWS XX (where XX is the version number) and press the RIGHT ARROW to expand it, DOWN ARROW to Tools and press the RIGHT ARROW to expand it, DOWN ARROW to Dongle Viewer and press ENTER to open the Freedom Scientific Dongle Authorization Manager window
  4. In this window you can scroll up or down to read the licensing information on the dongle
  5. Tab to the Update button and press the spacebar or press ALT+U
  6. In the “Update Authorization” dialog box, DOWN ARROW to the option, “Authorization file” and then TAB to the browse button and press the SPACEBAR
  7. Navigate to the JAWS dongle update file that you saved from the email and press ENTER
  8. Tab to the Submit button and press the SPACEBARor press ALT+S.
  9. In the “Freedom Scientific Dongle Authorization Manager Window”, Tab to the read only field and verify that your USB Dongle is now authorized for the correct Jaws version by scrolling through the text

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